Artists Statement- Sacred Messages of the Earth

My work speaks louder- the message that nature whispers. My thought process involves thorough investigation of unaltered environments. By hiking into the wilderness, I memorize its rhythm, I make detailed observations of nature and her deeply complex fractal patterns. I take time to understand the mathematical and scientific meanings behind this geometric ratio (golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, etc.), as well as the physiological effects it has on its viewers. Having found evidence that fractals effect their viewers brains and emotional states- through a stress reduction of 60%, I imitate these patterns in my work. I commit to an intense spiritual connection to this living earth, and then communicate my findings into my liquid medium (watercolor and ink). I mimic the patterns by speaking to the water in my mediums, emitting vibrations of positive and loving intent. I recognize the power and sincerity of the earth by incorporating precipitation and bird interaction into the layers of my art. After these communicative layers of color have dried, I respond by drawing imagery that I have noticed in nature. Weaving this imagery throughout, and distinguishing foreground from background with placement and additional mark-making. I create fantastical worlds of nature that, upon viewing, will soothe the audiences’ mind and body, before their return to this reality. I believe there are many spiritual messages here on earth if we take the time to notice, and listen. As an artist, I am merely a conduit for these messages.


last updated May 2020

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