Artists Statement- Sacred Messages of the Earth

My work amplifies the message that nature whispers. Through rigorous investigations of unaltered environments, I am touched by the harmony in which life functions at every level. I attempt to synchronize to the rhythm nature offers, making detailed observations of earth and her deeply complex fractal patterns (golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, etc.). The depths and heights of untouched wilderness that provide constant examples of peaceable growth and coexistence, inspire synergy within my layers.

My research into the experiments of Physicist Richard Taylor uncovered evidence that fractal patterns effect their viewers brains and emotional states through a stress reduction of 60%. After gaining comprehension of the powerful physiological affects behind the geometric ratio, I began to imitate these patterns in my work echoing the calming effects found in nature.


In committing to a genuine spiritual connection to this living earth and the organisms it supports, it became important to implement this connection thoroughly in my watercolor fields. Every part of this world is connected through sound waves, both those we are aware of and those we cannot perceive. Jon Young (author of What the Robin Knows) studies the meanings behind the audible voices of nature, while Peter Wohlleben (author of The Hidden Life of Trees) found, with proper measuring devices, that there are sonic languages all around us, chemical signals, and electromagnetic pulses forming lines of communication within the trees and fungal systems. Hans Jenny’s findings in Cymatics along with the water work and vibrational experiments carried out by Masaru Emoto, have all interwoven their influence on the background layers of every creation. Following immersive nature experiences, I speak verbal cues to my liquid mediums and emit vibrations of positive, loving intent. The sincerity of the earth is incorporated through precipitation and bird interaction. 


Fractals form within the ink and water effortlessly, and the stroboscopic remnants of my spoken or meditative conversations are apparent when these communicative layers of color have dried. In response, I draw imagery observed on my explorations of nature, subject matter that resonates with my internal emotional progress, or moments that caused me to feel deep gratitude for life. I weave this imagery throughout with watercolor, and distinguish foreground from background with placement and additional mark-making. 


In a reality where this world is disintegrating due to human destruction, my surreal landscapes morph in and out of logical realism highlighting the nature we must appreciate and preserve. I create fantastical worlds of nature that, upon viewing, will soothe the audiences’ mind and body, before their return to this reality. I believe there are many messages here on earth, from many sources, if we take the time to notice and listen. As an artist, I am merely a conduit for these messages.

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