Artists Statement- Literacy of the Heart

            I am inspired by the idea that life is triggered by the power of love. That the vibration of Love is the generator to all life, and in witnessing the growth of nature or the movements of the elements- I am observing this miracle. With a drive to explain this frequency and its effects on our existence. My work is an elaboration of language, reaching beyond our verbal expression in an attempt to encapsulate the meaning of ‘love’, and to narrate its connection to our lives and senses rationally.

            The work it­self is very process oriented, the final ‘product’ exists as documentation of an intimate experience.


I begin by fully immersing myself in the natural world. Observation and connection, reflection and clarification. Absorbing the world around me through all senses. Interacting with nature through long hikes into the depths and heights of the truest wilderness. This effort spent with the earth provides me with necessary knowledge and understanding of the natural rhythm of the environment.

In communication with the element of water, I use Ink and Watercolors as a medium to react with precipitation, bird interaction, and the intention I emit. The foundation of each piece is created through the most natural means of existence, sincerely raw. As such, this initial framework of my art is influenced by my ‘physical’ touch as little as possible. Very purposefully, maintaining space between myself and the surface that holds ink and water, only allowing myself to reverberate loving discoveries into my medium. It is my belief that intertwined with the reality that everything exists as vibrating particles, with a pulse all their own; that love has a relationship to matter through cymatics. The pulse my focus radiates, triggers endless fractals to palpitate within the wet media. Still-frames of these fractals are captured by the media as each layer stroboscopically dries on top of itself. Accepting what is created within the shapes of ink and water and patiently allowing awareness. Then organizing the chaos to recognize and honor what has become. In acknowledging the beauty of creation, I am articulating my gratitude. This first ink layer resonates through, I respond to natures mark, I see worlds existing if we but take time to notice, I become a conduit of sight and love for this language. I consider my overlaying line-work (with colored pencils), to be a written language, paralleling my understanding of this passionate frequency in nature.

            This language is both intrinsic and subliminal, encompassing the philosophy that is ‘love’ on a quantum level. Loves’ essential components are integrated for a complete conversation: respect for subject matter, trust in the connection from artist to medium, discipline, gratitude and understanding… among other traits. In order to efficiently translate this deeper communication through my work, I must diligently practice these lofty qualities with consistency. This journey provides infinite growth within myself, and because love is an act of giving, it also fulfills me to share this with you. 

last updated February 2019

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