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Sammi Dougherty's collection of work takes deep inquiry into mathematical patterns in nature and their relationship to matter sonically; along with the involuntary occurring mental effects in viewers. Dougherty’s research explores the combined findings of Benoit Mandelbrot and Physicist Richard Taylor, and the evidence of this 'subliminal'visual language of fractal patterns. Her continued studies involve immersive investigations into the complexity of fractal layers naturally occurring on earth and subject's reactions, within the microcosm and to the macrocosmic ecosystems.


Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including solo and group exhibitions with Marin Society of Artists (San Rafeal, CA), The Modern Visual Arts Gallery (Bethlehem, PA), The Academy Center of the Arts, (Lynchburg, VA), The Toledo Art Museum (Toledo, OH), The Miller Gallery (Blacksburg, VA), The Floyd Center of the Arts (Floyd,VA). She has also been invited to several juried international publications including the Canadian based Observica Art Magazine, and awarded a variety of honors including awards of merit and distinction, Artist of the Year (Sylvania, OH), and an award of Recognition of Excellence from US Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, for contribution to the city of Toledo, OH. A considerable amount of Dougherty’s work is permanently installed via street art- in the form of murals or ‘beautification’ wraps, scattered throughout the downtown district of Toledo, OH and ranging to Traverse, MI and Southwest Virginia. 


Dougherty’s teaching utilizes motivational strategies to engage students willingness, confidence, and curiosity into their own potentials. She has taught Arts Foundations at Radford University (2018-2020), she also has experience instructing Advanced Watercolor, Chalk Pastels, Murals, Painting, Drawing and Advanced Drawing. Currently Dougherty is instructing Studio Arts and Art History at the collegiate level in central Ohio. Her philosophy of expressive art for mental health, and mechanical skill building through observation, provides a successful timeline of learning and refinement of artistic knowledge while strengthening kinesthetic responses; motivating a well-rounded evolution of artistry.


Sammi Dougherty’s ongoing mission involves the pursuit of grants with the purpose of drawing attention to the extreme racial disparity within our nations prison systems. Because the fractal patterns present in her work, have been proven to improve mental health, she intends for her work to infiltrate spaces in need of rehabilitation and emotional healing.

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