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Sammi Dougherty was born in Northwest Ohio. She was raised in a liberal, Roman Catholic household and this provided her with a strong sense of morality and a deep spirituality which guides her daily decisions. Her interest in knowledge, spirituality, and science played a strong role in her dedication to education. Dougherty is a part of several generations of artists, this was a career path that was encouraged and fostered throughout her life. Nature was also a large part of her childhood, she had loving parents who took her hiking, birding, and camping frequently. Her fascination with nature only grew with age and drew her towards Radford, Virginia, where she moved for a time, to pursue her Masters degree. Her artistic passions escalated with the influence of the mountains and space this region provided, and her skills improved with the help of her masterful mentor Professor ZL Feng. On a personal level, Dougherty has promised herself always to remain close with nature, with God, and to communicate deeply and truly with those around her; as this is what inspires her work, and in this way she will always create. Dougherty also aspires to become a Professor of Painting or Drawing. Her devotion for teaching has grown due to her Fellowship position, which solidified her desire to inspire young artists, and to help students to grow as human beings.

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