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Sammi Dougherty was born in Northwest Ohio. She was raised in a liberal, Roman Catholic household and this provided her with a strong sense of morality and a deep spirituality which guides her daily decisions. Her interest in knowledge, spirituality, and science played a strong role in her dedication to education. Dougherty's fascination with nature drew her towards Radford, Virginia, where she moved for several years, to pursue her Masters degree and teaching career. Her artistic passions escalated with the influence of the mountains and space this region provided, and her time spent immersed in the natural surroundings helped to develop a deeper understanding of life, and science. Simultaneously, her skills improved with the help of her masterful mentor Professor ZL Feng, and the observations gathered in the Blue Ridge forests. Dougherty's work is created with a strong emphasis on raw truth, loving emotion,  and also noticing  minute symbolisms or patterns/messages within unaltered environments. 

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